Tenka Ippin "Chokotte-ri" (super rich)
(All images are sourced from the official Tenka Ippin website)

Tenka Ippin has announced on its official website that "Chotteri" will be available again as a limited-time and limited-quantity menu item, with the first five servings per day available from July 1 to 31.

Tenka Ippin Super Chottori

Tenka Ippin "Super Chottori" standard ramen "Chottori".

This is the second re-release of Tenka Ippin Chotteriri, which first appeared in February as part of Tenka Ippin's 50th anniversary project and proved so popular that it is now being re-released as the second version. It features a thicker soup than the standard "kottori" menu item.

Chicken stock is simmered with time and care, and chopped onions are added as a finishing touch to bring out the best flavor. The soup is said to be rich and thick, and the sweetness of the onions gives it a rich texture but a refreshing aftertaste.

Since it is a limited menu item, it may take some time after ordering. The menu is limited to one bowl per person, and discount coupons and vouchers are not available. In addition, some stores do not sell the menu, such as Tenka Ippin Sohonten.

Store hours of operation can be checked on the official website, but please contact the store directly for details, as they may differ from those listed. In addition, services may be changed, suspended, or terminated without prior notice to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.