Famima the Crepe Fresh Chocolate" and "Famima the Crepe Tiramisu".

On June 21, FamilyMart will release "Famima the Crepe Fresh Chocolate" and "Famima the Crepe Tiramisu", new products in the "Famima the Series" with a focus on sticky texture. Each is priced at 213 yen (tax included).

Famima the Crepe

Two flavors of "Famima the Crepe" will be the first sweets in the "Famima the Series. While FamilyMart usually takes about three months to develop a food product, this product was developed over a longer period of eight months.

Famima the Crepe Fresh Chocolate" and "Famima the Crepe Tiramisu".

In pursuit of the crepe's glutinous texture, the formula and manufacturing method were developed through trial and error. For the crepe flour, a flour that can easily absorb water was used, which was carefully selected for its ingredients and the way it was ground. The addition of glutinous barley flour and tapioca starch also contributes to the crepe's pleasant elasticity.

Famima the Crepe" also focuses on the beautiful giraffe pattern of the dough, fine-tuning the distribution of the original crepe flour and the temperature at which the dough is baked. The crepes are baked using a waterwheel type machine. The addition of skim milk adds richness and flavor, making the dough a perfect match for the ingredients it encases.

Famima The Crepe Fresh Chocolate

Famima The Crepe Raw Chocolate

A crepe made with smooth, smooth, fresh chocolate blended with flavorful chocolate made in Japan and fresh cream from Hokkaido, wrapped in a sticky dough. The whipped cream is blended with fresh Hokkaido cream for a rich yet refreshing texture.

Famima The Crepe Fresh Chocolate

Famima The Crepe Tiramisu

This crepe is made with a soft, doughy dough and filled with a gentle milky cream made from fresh Hokkaido cream and Hokkaido mascarpone. The flavor of the tiramisu is accentuated by a syrup made from coffee with just the right amount of acidity and bitterness. The rich taste of the wine is blended with Western liquor.

Famima the Crepe Tiramisu

A 30 yen discount coupon for "Famima Sweets" will be printed on the receipt when you purchase any of the "Famima Sweets" items between June 21 and July 4. The period of use is from June 21 to July 11.

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