Anna Miller's Takanawa to close this summer

Anna Miller's Takanawa, the only Japanese branch of Imuraya's Anna Miller's restaurant in Japan, will close on August 31. In addition, reissued pies will be sold sequentially from June 13.

Anna Miller's Takanawa Store

According to Imuraya, the Anna Miller's Takanawa store opened in 1983 as the 11th Anna Miller's store. However, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has requested the store to relocate due to the Shinagawa Station West Exit Infrastructure Development Project, and the company has agreed to move the store along with other stores to be relocated.

The company is considering potential locations for a new store that can attract the same level of customers as the Takanawa store, but at this time, no plans have been made to open a new store. However, since there are many fans of Anna Miller's original pies and cheesecakes throughout Japan, various plans are being made to make them available for purchase through the official online store.

Anna Miller's Reunion Pie

Anna Miller's Takanawa to close this summer

The first pie to be reissued is the Coconut Custard, which was sold in the 1980's and 90's. The rich custard is baked to perfection and topped with roasted coconut. It is topped with roasted coconut. The bittersweet caramel sauce is a perfect match for the custard. The price is 660 yen (tax included).

A novelty product is also planned. Details will be announced on the official Anna Miller's website.