Starbucks CAFE FAVORITES Cafe Mocha" coffee beverage in PET bottles

Starbucks CAFE FAVORITES Cafe Mocha", a PET-bottled coffee drink, will be released exclusively by the 7-ELEVEN & i Group on June 28. The design of "Starbucks CAFE FAVORITES Café Latte" has also been redesigned.

Both are blended with beans roasted to a deep roast using the Starbucks roasting method that maximizes flavor. The new design provides a luxurious taste that allows you to enjoy the true flavor of the coffee. The packaging features the siren logo that symbolizes the Starbucks brand.

Starbucks CAFE FAVORITES Cafe Mocha

The new Café Mocha has a well-balanced flavor that combines the richness of coffee and bittersweet chocolate with the gentle sweetness of milk. The price is 151 yen (tax included).

Starbucks CAFE FAVORITES Cafe Latte

The Café Latte has the same mellow taste as the previous Starbucks Cafe Favorites, with the richness of milk and the flavor of coffee harmoniously blended together. The price is 151 yen (tax included).

Original Daily Sakosh Present Campaign

Starbucks CAFE FAVORITES Original Daily Succosh, a compact shoulder bag that can neatly hold small items necessary for a short outing, a handy sized PET bottle, etc., will be given away in this campaign. The color is latte or mocha (non-selectable).

Starbucks CAFE FAVORITES Original Daily Succoshes Present Campaign

Runs from June 28 to July 25. Add the Starbucks CPG LINE official account (@starbucks_j_cpg) as a friend, purchase any 3 bottles of the target products, take a photo of the purchase receipt with your smartphone, and send it to the Starbucks CPG LINE official account to enter for 1 unit of 3 points after registration. The application will be accepted at all 7-ELEVEN stores in Japan.

Eligible stores are 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide. Eligible products are "Starbucks CAFE FAVORITES Cafe Latte/Cafe Mocha" and "Starbucks COFFEE CHOICE Comfy/Roastinoats".