Hotto Motto "Mixed Cut Steak Stack

Hotto Motto will release "Mixed Cut Steak Stack" on June 21 to meet the needs of meat lovers who want to enjoy three kinds of meat at a reasonable price. The price is 590 yen (tax included).

Mixed Cut Steak Stack

The "Mixed Cut Steak Stack" is a combination of the popular cut steak, which offers the full flavor of meat, with chicken steak and sausage. The main cut steak is grilled over high heat in one go to create a juicy and savory flavor. The dish is topped with a tamari soy sauce based sauce made with plenty of grated daikon (Japanese radish) and savory vegetables, and carefully selected red wine.

Hotto Motto "Mixed Cut Steak Stack

The chicken steak uses chicken thigh meat with a strong flavor. You can enjoy its tender and juicy flavor. The sausage is also combined with the beef, chicken, and sausage in a single meal, allowing you to taste three different types of meat, satisfying the cravings of meat lovers who "want this and that! This is the answer to the desire of meat lovers to "want this and that!

This product will not be sold at Hotto Motto Grill.