Fujiya Western Confectionary Shop "Fujiya Selected Anmitsu (using domestic Amakusa agar)

New summer products will be sequentially released at Fujiya confectionery stores from mid-June. The lineup includes "Fujiya Selected Anmitsu (made with domestic Amakusa agar)," "Summer Colorful Fruit Pudding Dolce," "Miyakojima Hibiscus Rare Cheese Cake," and "Minami no Shima no Ramune Jelly.

Fujiya's Selected Anmitsu (made with domestically produced Amakusa agar)

Anmitsu, made with carefully selected ingredients, is made with domestically produced Amakusa agar. Koshi an (sweet red bean paste), shiratama (white bean curd), mandarin oranges and white peaches soaked in syrup, strawberries, and gyuhi (a type of rice flour) are all added to create a colorful and vibrant flavor. It comes with brown sugar made from Okinawa brown sugar as an optional garnish.

On sale on June 16. Price: 520 yen (tax included).

Summer Colorful Fruit Pudding Dolce

Fujiya Confectionery "Summer Colorful Fruit Pudding Dolce".

Vanilla mousse topped with pudding and colorful fruits. Red and green melon, grape, strawberry, and yellow peach in syrup are used. All fruits are domestically produced.

On sale on June 17. Price: 581 yen.

Miyako Island Hibiscus Rare Cheese Cake

Fujiya Confectionery "Miyakojima Hibiscus Rare Cheese Cake

A refreshing summer dish combining rare cheese mousse and brightly colored hibiscus jelly. The rich mousse made with Hokkaido cream cheese goes well with the refreshing hibiscus jelly from Miyakojima Island. A hibiscus paper plate adds a summery touch.

On sale on June 20. Price: 440 yen.

Minami no Shima no Ramune Jelly

Fujiya Confectionery "Southern Island Ramune Jelly

Cool-colored ramune jelly decorated with colorful fruits and star-shaped nata de coco, this is a cute and refreshing looking jelly. The palm tree decorations give it a tropical feel, making it a photogenic product.

On sale on June 20. Price: 440 yen.