Ministop "Custard pudding covered with whip

Ministop will release "Whipped Custard Pudding", a whipped custard pudding with bittersweet caramel sauce and plenty of whip, as the seventh product in the ~FUN!

Whipped custard pudding

Ministop "Custard pudding covered with whip

Whipped Custard Pudding" is a product that combines a firm, eggy custard pudding with plenty of whipped cream! This product combines both. The bittersweet caramel sauce and candy-covered almonds give the pudding its texture and firmness. The whipped cream is the same as that used in the Whip Smear series, a whipped cream blended with pure fresh cream from Hokkaido that is rich in milky flavor yet light and easy to eat.

Priced at 280 yen (tax included), the pudding will be available at all Mini Stop stores nationwide from June 14.


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