Shaved Ice Miniature Collection Vol. 2" from Ken Elephant.
(Image taken from the official website)

Ken-Elephant will sell interior figures "Famous Shaved Ice Miniature Collection Vol. 2" from late June. The price is 400 yen for a capsule and 440 yen for a box (both including tax). Sales will begin sequentially at capsule toy sales outlets nationwide, hobby stores, online stores, bookstores, KenElephant Akihabara Store, Shinbashi Station Store, Shin-Koiwa Store, Gransta Tokyo Store, Ueno Land, KenElephant Lagoon, and other stores.

Famous Shaved Ice Miniature Collection Vol. 2

Shaved ice from famous stores in Japan, rich in individuality, are now available as miniature figures. The lineup of four types in total is as follows

Tokyo: "Natsu Nankurin" by Kogashi Kurogi
Kagoshima: Tenmonkan Mujaki "Shirokuma
Saitama: Jigen "The Watermelon
Kyoto: Tea and Sake Tasuki "Nama Daifuku

Delicious shaved ice has been made into cute miniature figures! They look great when displayed side by side. Why don't you try to complete the collection?

The images shown are samples under development and may differ slightly from the actual products.