Hattendo "Fukubukuro 2022 Summer

Hattendo's online store has been selling "Fukubukuro 2022 Summer" since June 3. The bag contains about 16 pieces, including "Creamy Pan Muscat" and "Creamy Pan Setouchi Lemon". Free shipping and a 500 yen off coupon are included.

Fukubukuro 2022 Summer

The "Fuku-bukuro 2022 Summer" is an assortment of about 16 pieces, including the online store's recommended Creamy Pan flavors "Muscat" and "Setouchi Lemon" without fail, and other items for your enjoyment. It also comes with a 500 yen off coupon that can be used at the online store. Shipping is free.

Accepted until June 30, 16:59. Price is 4,000 yen (tax included and free shipping). Products are shipped frozen. The assortment will include products with a frozen shelf life of 16 days or more from the date of shipment. The 500 yen off coupon expires on August 31, 2022. In order to use the coupon, you will need to register as a member of Hattendo Online Shop.

Creamy bread Muscat

Hattendo Cream Bread Muscat

This bread is made from the refined and gorgeous aroma of the Fine Muscat grapes grown at the Hattendo Vineyard in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The creamy texture complements the fresh and fleshy muscat jam.

Cream bun Setouchi Lemon

Hattendo Creamy Buns Setouchi Lemon

Creamy bread with a smooth texture is filled with fresh lemon jam made from lemons grown in Hiroshima Prefecture. The gentle sweetness of the cream and the sweet and sour lemon jam blend together to create a refreshing taste that brings to mind the Seto Inland Sea.