Thirty-One "Aloha Chocolate Cookie

A new flavor, "Aloha Chocolate Cookie," will be available at Thirty-One Ice Cream from June 1. In addition, "Sunset Surfing," "Rainbow Sherbet," and "Hawaiian Crunch" will be available as Hawaiian flavors at the same time.

Aloha Choco Cookie

Aloha Chococookie" is an ice cream that combines macadamia nuts, cookies, and chocolate for a truly Hawaiian taste. Macadamia nut flavored ice cream with butter cookies is combined with milk chocolate ice cream and a chocolate ribbon. The savory taste of macadamia nuts, the gentle sweetness of milk chocolate, and the texture of butter cookies are a perfect match for Japanese tastes.

Thirty-One "Aloha Chocolate Cookie

The Aloha Chocolate Cookie is priced at 390 yen (including tax) for a single regular size.

Sunset Surfing

Thirty-One "Sunset Surfing

Coconut-flavored white waves lapping the salty lychee-flavored blue. The setting sun is like a pineapple ribbon.

Rainbow sherbet

Thirty-One "Rainbow Sherbet

Orange, raspberry, and pineapple all in one, with a great impact in taste and appearance.

Hawaiian Crunch

Thirty-One "Hawaiian Crunch

Tropical coconut flavor with pulpy pineapple ribbon. The texture of cashew nuts is also fun.

All of the above flavors will be available for a limited time starting June 1.