Sushiro Grand Inaugural Festival Part 2

Sushiro's second "Sushiro Grand Opening Festival" will be held for a limited time starting June 1. Excluding Sushiro To Go.

Sushiro Grand Inaugural Festival Vol. 2

The theme of the second edition of the festival is "Shine, Japan's Amazing Craftsmanship. The theme is "Shine, Japan's Amazing Craftsmanship." The lineup includes products that make full use of artisan skills. Together with Mr. Kimura of "Sushi-shihito," a famous sushi restaurant in Toyama Prefecture, who is well-known for his "Takumi no Icosa Project," a project to create new standard products that will change the conventional wisdom of conveyor-belt sushi, we have developed products incorporating the skills of our artisans.

Sushiro Grand Inaugural Festival Part 2

Sushiro's famous value-priced "100 yen Large Tuna," "100 yen Double Tuna," and "Special Neta Large Tuna Half Price" are available only in the region. Triple and double items, and other special products unique to the foundation festival will be gathered together.

Shiso Seed Scented Seared Mackerel Stick Sushi

Shari is mixed with flavorful shiso seed tsukudani and sesame seeds, and the skin of the vinegared mackerel is seared to a fragrant aroma. Only carefully selected natural mackerel from Miyagi, which is rich in fat, is salted and then vinegared to bring out the original flavor of the mackerel, and the skin is seared to accentuate the fatty flavor. The inside of the mackerel is juicy and the skin is fragrant, and the flavors of shiso seeds and sesame seeds add a nice accent. Priced at 165 yen (tax included, same as below). Limited quantities available per day.

Sushiro "Shiso Seed Scented Seared Mackerel Stick Sushi

Seared boiled scallop

This is a luxurious dish like that of a high-class sushi restaurant, where you can enjoy the texture and the sweetness and flavor of scallops wrapped in fragrant nori because of the exquisite heat. The savory aroma is added by the process of searing the scallops in the restaurant. Priced at 330 yen, limited quantities available daily.

Sushiro "Seared boiled scallops

In-store steamed fluffy eel

The eel is steamed in the restaurant to make it fluffier. The savory aroma and melt-in-your-mouth flavor are achieved. Two pieces of soft and fluffy eel are served together with one unakyu maki. The price is 583 yen, and the quantity is limited to one per day.

Sushiro "In-store steamed fluffy eel

Ootoro (Big Tuna)

We carefully select only the best fatty large fatty tuna. You can enjoy the sweetness and flavor of the fat that melts in your mouth. The price is 110 yen. Limited quantities available per day. Available in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Shinetsu, Hokuriku, Kyushu, Shikoku (except Tokushima), Okayama, and Okinawa.

Sushiro "Big Tuna

Double Toro

Double Toro, which boasts of the thickness of its ingredients, is offered at 110 yen. It is sliced thicker than usual, so it is very satisfying. The more you chew, the more the sweetness of the fat fills your mouth. No takeout available; limited quantities per day. Since it is prepared in the restaurant, the shape and other details may vary. Available in Kanto (Tokyo and 6 prefectures), Tokai, and Yamanashi.

Sushiro "Double Tollo

Tokuneta Ootoro

The special tuna fillet, usually priced at 330 yen, is offered at half price (165 yen) with the same size as the original. The sweet fat melts in your mouth as you enjoy this tuna fillet. No takeout, limited quantity per day. Available in Kansai (2 prefectures), Tokushima, and Chugoku (excluding Okayama).

Sushiro "Special Neta Ootoro" (Large Tuna)

Triple Raw Shrimp

Price: 165 yen; limited quantities per day.

Sushiro "Triple Raw Shrimp

Triple Abalone (raw, steamed and boiled)

Price: 330 yen; limited quantity per day.

Sushiro "Triple Abalone (raw, steamed and boiled)

Double ika-ten nigiri

Price: 110 yen; limited quantity per day.

Sushiro "Double Ika-ten nigiri

Double grilled Tolo-Salmon

Price: 110 yen; limited quantity per day.

Sushiro "Double Yakitoro Salmon

Double Natural Indian Tuna Negitoro

Price: 165 yen, limited quantity per day. When taking out to-go, served in two pieces of gunkan.

Sushiro "Double Natural Indian Tuna Negitoro

Sales may be suspended or terminated without notice depending on availability and sales conditions.
All products will be discontinued as soon as they are sold out on the day of purchase.
The cost of the container is included in the tax-included price for take-out orders.
Items and prices may differ at some stores.