Joyful "Hikaru's Invention of the Kiddingly Delicious Gourmet Burger

Joyful will launch "Hikaru's Kiddingly Delicious Gourmet Burger" nationwide. This is the third collaboration with Joyful ambassador Hikaru, and will be available from May 31. The price is 944 yen (including tax) for a single item, 1,054 yen for a potato set, and 1,164 yen for a potato and drink set.

Gourmet burger with no joke flavor created by Hikaru

Joyful "Hikaru's Invention of the Kiddingly Delicious Gourmet Burger

The menu was limited to the "Joyful Shibuya Hikaru Store" that opened in Shibuya, Tokyo from April 21 to May 3.

The patties are not made for Joyful's hamburgers, but are specially adjusted for hamburgers. The patties are made from 100% beef, which gives them a meaty flavor. The cheese, which is thicker and richer than usual, is combined with fresh vegetables such as lettuce and tomato, and the sweetness of onion rings.

The classic honey mustard has been adjusted to suit the burger with more mustard flavor than before. Other ingredients include a spicy BBQ sauce, rich mayonnaise, and a Thousand Dressing that brings out the flavor of the vegetables, giving the burger a richer taste. The buns are baked in the store's oven, the patties are baked to order, and the onion rings are freshly fried and crispy.

As a general rule, Joyful restaurants nationwide carry the product, with a few exceptions. The Shimonoseki Hotel branch in Yamaguchi Prefecture and the Amami Airport branch in Kagoshima Prefecture do not sell it. The contents and prices differ at some stores. To go availability also differs depending on the store.