Takara Seika "Salted Batakaman Puff Ice Cream

Eiya Dairy Corporation will release on June 1 "Salted Batakaman Puff Ice Cream," a product developed in collaboration with Takara Seika Co. The estimated price is 172 yen (tax included).

Salted Batakaman Puff Ice Cream

Salt Batakaman Shoe Ice Cream is an ice cream version of Takara Seika's "Salt Batakaman", which has been popular since its release in September 2019, consisting of mild Camembert cheese cream sandwiched between crispy, moist salted butter cookies.

The Salted Butter Kaman Puff Ice Cream is a combination of cookie puff dough carefully hand-placed and baked to a golden brown, and cheese ice cream made with Camembert cheese and cream cheese for a milky, rich cheese flavor. Both the cookie dough and puff pastry are made with butter and French Lorraine salt for a salty buttery flavor. The cheese ice cream is further enriched with egg yolk and has a gentle salty taste from the French Lorraine salt.

The Salted Batakaman Puff Pastry Ice Cream is a delight for the coming hot season. Why not pick one up when you see it?