MOW - white peach milk

MOW White Peach Milk" from Morinaga Milk Industry's "MOW" ice cream cups will go on sale on June 6. The estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

MOW White Peach Milk

The peach flavor of the "MOW" series has been one of the most popular limited-time offerings at convenience stores over the past six years (company shipments from February 2016 to February 2022). In response to the popularity, the company is introducing a new product that combines white peaches and milk.

MOW White Peach Milk is a flavorful, mildly sweet white peach milk ice cream. It is made from 23% juicy and aromatic Japanese white peach juice. The mellow white peaches are a perfect match for the richness of the milk. You can enjoy a taste that maximizes the ingredients of white peaches and milk.

Type/name of product is iced milk. Content 140ml (4.73us fl oz), Calories - 214kcal, Available at mass merchandisers, convenience stores and general retailers.


A cup of ice cream with the richness of milk as its base and the "unique taste" of the combined ingredients. It is made without using emulsifiers or stabilizers, and is produced with a "label clean formula" that uses the minimum amount of ingredients to bring out the flavor of the ingredients. The unique "low-temperature quick-freezing method" is used to produce smooth and fine ice cream.