Calbee "Otsumami Edamariko Smoked Cheese Flavor

Otona no Edamariko," a series of snacks made with edamame as the main ingredient that goes well with alcohol, has been relaunched as "Otsukoyama no Edamariko" (Otona Edamariko for adults)! Calbee will release a new product, "Otsumami Edamariko Smoked Cheese Flavor" at convenience stores in advance on May 30. Limited time offer. The product will be on sale outside of convenience stores on June 13, and will be discontinued in early October 2022. The product has a content of 35g (1.23oz) and an estimated price of around 150 yen (including tax).

Edamariko" was launched in July 2018 and was well received for its original edamame flavor. In April 2021, the product was revamped to "Otona no Edamariko" (Edamame for adults), as edamame is eaten as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages, and received high acclaim as a product that goes well with alcoholic beverages. The product has now been relaunched as "Otona no Edamariko" with the aim of promoting its value as a snack.


As the first step, "Otsu-Mami Edamariko Smoked Cheese Flavor" was released to enjoy the combination of edamame and cheese, a popular accompaniment for beer. The flavor of edamame is carefully balanced with the richness of cheese, resulting in a taste that is sure to be a hit with beer.

Edamame is used as the main ingredient, and the original edamame flavor can be enjoyed with the texture of "Jagarico". The more you chew, the more the smoky aroma and rich cheese flavor will spread throughout your mouth. The package is a stand-up pack with a zipper for easy placement on a desk and convenient carrying.