Toraya "Summer Package: Small Yokan", "Mizyokan", "Natsuyokan

Toraya introduces "Summer Package Small Yokan", "Mizyokan" and "Natsuyokan" on its official website. These sweet products are designed to look cool and feel refreshing during the hot season.

Summer Package Small Yokan

Toraya "Summer Package: Small Yokan", "Mizyokan", "Natsuyokan

Summer Package Small Yokan" will be available from June 1 to the end of August. The price is 292 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

The package features a vivid design depicting a fish swimming leisurely in the cool blue sea. Ogura yokan "Night Plum", brown sugar yokan "Omokage", and matcha yokan "Shinryoku" are each wrapped in a different pattern, allowing customers to feel the expanse of the ocean by choosing their favorite assortment.


Toraya "Summer Package: Small Yokan", "Mizyokan", "Natsuyokan

Mizu-yokan" is on sale until late August. The selling price is 324 yen per piece.

Four flavors are available, each with a firm texture and rich flavor. The four flavors are "Gozen," with its refreshingly sweet bean paste, "Ogura," which emphasizes the texture of beans, "Matcha," made with aromatic green tea and white bean paste, and "Brown Sugar," with the richness and mildness of brown sugar produced on Iriomote Island, Okinawa.

Natsu-kan (summer sweet bean jelly)

Toraya "Summer Package: Small Yokan", "Mizyokan", "Natsuyokan

Natsu-kan" can be ordered from June 20 to late August. The price is 324 yen per piece.

Made with domestically produced fruits and agar, this confectionary is said to be made with the natural flavor of the ingredients. There are "Grapes" with a beautiful deep purple color and the concentrated fruitiness of grapes, "Momo" with the delicate sweetness and gentle aroma of peaches, "Lemon" with the refreshing sourness and subtle bitterness of Setouchi lemons, and "Anzu" with its sweet and sour, nostalgic flavor.