Akagi Nyugyo "Otona na Garigari-kun Golden Pineapple (6-pack)

Akagi Nyugyo will release "Otona na Garigari-kun Golden Pineapple (6-pack)", which will be sold in limited quantities nationwide from May 30. Each package contains 6 popsicles of 56 ml each, and the estimated price is 378 yen (tax included).

Adult Garigari-kun Golden Pineapple (6-pack)

Juicy pineapple shaved ice with a crunchy texture is placed inside pineapple ice cream. It contains 33% golden pineapple juice. The ice grains are finer than those used in previous GARIGARIKUN, giving it a crunchy texture similar to that of frozen pineapple.

The package features "Satoshi & Pikachu" and "Dande & Lizardon (in the form of Kyodaimax)" from the "Pokemon" anime on the front and back. As part of the campaign, eight different Pokémon acrylic stands featuring the trainers and Pokémon from the "Pokémon World Championships" in the anime will be raffled off to 125 winners each, for a total of 1,000.

The combination of "Satoshi & Pikachu," "Dande & Lizardon," "Wataru & Gyarados (different color)," "Daigo & Mega Metagross (different color)," "Sirona & Mega Gabrious," "Iris & Ononox," "Karune & Mega Sernite," and "Aran & Mega Lizardon X."

Akagi Nyugyo "Otona na Garigari-kun Golden Pineapple (6-pack)

Akagi Nyugyo "Otona na Garigari-kun Golden Pineapple (6-pack)

To apply, send a postcard or download an application form from the campaign website, affix the application coupon on the side of the Otona Garigari-kun Golden Pineapple (6-pack) campaign package and postage stamps as specified, and fill in the required information. The deadline for application is June 30 for the first campaign, August 31 for the second campaign, and October 31 for the third campaign.

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