Godiva "Chocolixer - Koji and White Chocolate

Godiva Japan will release a new flavor of the chocolate drink "Chocolixer", "Chocolixer Koji and White Chocolate" on June 1. Limited quantities and time period. The regular size 270 ml is 690 yen, and the Ra's size 350 ml is 790 yen (both including tax).

Chocolixer - Koji malt and white chocolate

Chocolixer Koji and White Chocolate" is a frozen drink with a gentle sweetness, combining rice malt sweet sake (0% alcohol content) and Godiva's white chocolate. In 2022, Godiva will celebrate its 50th anniversary in Japan, and under the theme of "GODIVA wants to know more about Japan," Godiva has decided to use amazake made with rice malt, produced and sold by Marukome Corporation, as the base ingredient for the chocolixer. Amazake, which is made from rice malt produced and sold by Marukome Corporation, has been arranged into a chocolixer.

Amazake, a traditional Japanese sweet drink known as a "drinking infusion," is arranged in a chocolixer. The whipped cream is topped with crispy rice puffs made from Japanese glutinous rice and topped with ginger powder. Enjoy the refreshing taste of amazake and white chocolate in harmony.