Shikishima Baking "C.C. Lemon-like Steamed Cake

Shikishima Baking (Pasco) will release "C.C. Lemon-like Steamed Cake" and "Bickle-like Pancake 2-pack" on June 1 in collaboration with the beverage brand "C.C. Lemon" and "Bickle". Handled in Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu regions.

C.C. Lemon-like Steamed Cake

C.C. Lemon-Style Steamed Cake" is a lemon-flavored steamed cake with a soft and smooth texture, infused with cream that has a "sizzling" carbonated beverage-like taste. You can enjoy the taste of C.C. Lemon. The refreshing "soft lemon cream" is perfect for hot summer days.

Shikishima Baking "C.C. Lemon-like Steamed Cake

Bickle-like Pancakes 2-pack

The "Bickle-Like Pancakes 2-pack" are made with cream reminiscent of the dairy beverage "Bickle" and pancake batter with a rich fermented milk flavor.

Shikishima Baking "Pancakes like Bickle, 2 pieces"

Both products are designed with packaging reminiscent of "C.C. Lemon" and "Bickle.