Craft Boss "Craft Boss Hazelnut Salted Vanilla Latte".

Craft Boss Hazelnut Salted Vanilla Latte, a new addition to Suntory Foods International's Craft Boss lineup, will be released on June 7. The estimated price is 170 yen (excluding tax).

Craft Boss Hazelnut Salted Vanilla Latte

The main ingredient is hazelnut flavor, which has a sweet and savory aroma that goes well with coffee. The latte also contains two vanilla flavors, a sweet and rich flavor and a cool and refreshing flavor, to create a multi-layered, luxurious taste. The addition of sea salt gives it a crisp aftertaste that is perfect for summer.

The packaging is designed to resemble a glass bottle, with a clear, bumpy texture that feels good in the hand, and two different label designs with a Mediterranean tile motif. The design is a gorgeous one that is typical of the limited-time-only flavors.

Craft Boss Hazelnut Salted Vanilla Latte is a good choice for a refreshing break. Please pick one up!