Mos Burger "Kin Niku Niku Burger

To commemorate Mos Burger's 50th anniversary, Mos Burger has been selling "Kin Niku Niku Burger," a product supervised by New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Kazuchika Okada, who also celebrated his 50th anniversary, for a limited time on "Meat Day" since March. The product was originally scheduled to be sold until "Meat Day" in May, but due to its popularity, it has been extended to November and will be sold at all Mos Burger outlets nationwide (except for some outlets).

Kiniku Niku Burger

In developing the product, Okada proposed the theme of "a burger that makes your muscles happy. Since Okada likes the "Mosu no Natsumi" series with lettuce instead of buns (bread), the "Kin Niku Niku Burger" was created as an adaptation of the "Niku Niku Burger," which is sold only on Meat Day, the 29th of every month, as a product designed to reduce carbohydrate intake. The Kin Niku Niku Burger was born.

The burger consists of a soy patty based on soy-based vegetable protein, a chicken patty made from Japanese chicken meat, chicken nuggets, green leaves, shredded cabbage, Aurora sauce, and ketchup, and is sandwiched with plenty of lettuce instead of a bun (bread). This hamburger is for health-conscious people who want to consume protein and vegetables while still having a solid eating experience.

Mos Burger "Kin Niku Niku Burger

The price is 720 yen (tax included, same as below). Available on May 29, June 29, July 29, August 29, September 29, October 29, and November 29, starting at 10:30.

The "Niku Niku Burger" (870 yen) and "Spicy Niku Niku Burger" (900 yen), which are sold only on the 29th of each month, will also be sold.