Akagi Nyugyo "Garigari-kun Sumomo

Garigari-kun Sumomo" from Akagi Nyugyo's "Garigari-kun" brand will go on sale nationwide on May 31. It will be 105 ml in volume and priced at 76 yen (tax included).

Garigari-kun Sumomo

Garigari-kun Sumomo" is the new flavor for the 41st year of Garigari-kun. It was developed with the hope that an "angel of summer" will descend on us to refresh us in the coming rainy season, when the heat and temperatures will be high.

Garigarikun Sumomo" is a popsicle with a crunchy texture of Sumomo-flavored shaved ice inside of Sumomo-flavored ice cream. It contains 1% of the juice of the Summer Angel variety of plums. This product allows consumers to enjoy the refreshing sweet and sour taste of plums, which are in season in summer. The type of product is ice cream, and the calorie content is 71 kcal.

Akagi Nyugyo "Garigari-kun Sumomo

The fresh taste of the fruit makes "Garigari-kun Sumomo" perfect for the coming season, which will be gloomy and humid. We want to get through the rainy season and summer with a refreshing popsicle that will refresh us.