In love with pudding "Cherry Retro Pudding"

From June 1, "Pudding in Love," a To go pudding specialty store based on the concept of "pudding so delicious you'll fall in love with it, served in a retro coffee shop," will start selling two kinds of pudding: "Cherry Retro Pudding" and "Watermelon Pudding, King of Summer.

Cherry Retro Pudding

A two-layer retro pudding consisting of cherry jelly and the signature product, retro pudding. The bright red kirsch-scented jelly is filled with brightly colored cherries! The pudding is topped with fresh cream and a little cherry, making this retro pudding look as lovely as the pudding at a coffee shop. Enjoy it with a generous dollop of cherry sauce with pulp puree. This early-summer-only flavor is packed with the deliciousness of cherries. Priced at 550 yen (tax included, same as below).

In love with pudding "Cherry Retro Pudding"

King of Summer Watermelon Pudding

The two-layer pudding is made of watermelon jelly and smooth pudding using watermelon puree, reminding us of the old-fashioned taste of watermelon. Accented with cereal chocolate representing watermelon seeds, the "King of Summer Watermelon Pudding" is a limited time only smooth pudding that reminds us of the arrival of summer with its "plump" and "crunchy" texture and appearance. It is priced at 500 yen.

In love with pudding, "King of Summer Watermelon Pudding"

A pudding set that includes the "King of Summer Watermelon Pudding" will also be available at the "Pudding in Love Online Shop" from June 1 at 10:00.