Jolly Pasta "Fresh Melon Tart

Jolly Pasta will release a new menu item, "Fresh Melon Tart," on June 1. Priced at 539 yen per serving (tax included), sales are scheduled to end in mid-July. No take-out available. It will be available at all 301 stores.

Fresh Melon Tart

The new menu item, "Fresh Melon Tart," is a gorgeous early summer dolce consisting of a tart with a hint of almonds, topped with a chunky melon, freshly cut melon, and vanilla gelato. The vanilla gelato, certified by the Italian Gelato Association, is topped with a rich melon sauce to create a melon-loving dish. You can fully enjoy the refreshing taste of melon.

Jolly Pasta's "Fresh Melon Tart" is perfect for the coming season. Why not enjoy the fresh taste? The menu is only available for a limited time, so melon lovers and those who are interested should check it out as soon as possible.