McDonald's "A Big Mac is just a piece of cake." Campaign

McDonald's will offer "Big Mac" sets at a special price. campaign will be held from June 1 to June 14. The popular "Grand Big Mac" and "Giga Big Mac" will also return for a limited time starting June 1. The "Try your luck, it's a Peronji!" campaign will also be held.

The Big Mac will be back for a limited time from June 1. Campaign

This campaign is being conducted to encourage more people to enjoy the "Big Mac" with its large volume. The regular price of the "Big Mac" Value Set is 550 yen (including tax) instead of 690 yen (including tax). Normal price means the price on weekdays from 10:30 to 14:00 except for "Hiramaq".

Big Mac

One of McDonald's signature items, the "Big Mac" is made with two savory grilled, non-staple 100% beef patties, creamy cheese, crispy lettuce and pickle accents. It is finished with a creamy secret Big Mac sauce with mustard, onion and sweet relish. The volume of the sandwich, sandwiched in a special three-tiered bun with sesame seeds, makes this dish both tasty and satisfying. The price for a single item is 390 yen.

McDonald's "Big Mac

Grand Big Mac

The 100% beef patty is baked to perfection and contains no additives, making it 1.3 times larger than a Big Mac (in comparison to the pre-baked weight). The burger is sandwiched between a special big-sized three-tiered bun with sesame seeds, and is made with mellow cheese, crunchy lettuce, onions, pickles, and our secret original Big Mac sauce. The burger is priced at 550 yen for a single item and 850 yen for the value set.

McDonald's "Grand Big Mac

Giga Big Mac

The 100% beef patty is 4 Giga-sized patties, more than 1.3 times the size of a Big Mac and twice the size of a "Grand Big Mac". It is combined with cheese, crisp lettuce, onions, pickles, and our secret original Big Mac sauce, and sandwiched in a special big-sized three-tiered bun with sesame seeds. This is the burger to try for those seeking satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Priced individually at 760 yen and the value set at 1,060 yen. Limited quantity.

McDonald's "Gigabig Mac

The Value Set comes with a side menu (one of the following: McFried Potatoes M size, Chicken McNuggets 5 pieces, side salad, Edamame Corn, or Yogurt) and a drink M size (or one of the following: McShake S size or Cafe Latte S size).

Try your luck with this campaign!

From June 1, when you purchase a "Big Mac" and "McFly Fries L-size", the products will be offered in a limited package with a lottery ticket. By turning over the lottery ticket on the package, you can win a free "Premium Roast Coffee S" or "McFried Potato S" by lottery. A 50 yen discount coupon for one "Big Mac", "McFlurry Oreo Cookie", or "Chicken McNugget 5 pieces" will also be offered.

McDonald's "Try your luck and you'll be pell-mell" campaign

The raffle ends as soon as the raffle packages are gone at each store.
Only one free coupon can be used per coupon, and up to two discount coupons can be used per coupon.
Coupon redemption period ends at 4:59 pm on July 6, 2022.
Also applicable to delivery purchases.