Movie "Promea" x HUB Collaboration

A collaboration campaign will be held at the British-style PUB "HUB" as part of the 3rd anniversary celebration of the animated film "Promea". The event will run from May 28 to June 30.

HUB Promea Collaboration

For a limited time, 5 kinds of drinks and 2 kinds of food will be offered on the collaboration menu.

Food menu
Inferno Vulcano Hot Dog
Inferno Vulcano Margherita Mega Max

Drink Menu
Garo Timos
Rio Fortia
Clay Forsyte
Burning Rescue
Mud Burnish

Movie "Promea" x HUB Collaboration

One not-for-sale scene coaster (total 5 kinds) will be presented at random for each order of the collaboration menu. Show the stub of the movie "Promea" on the day of your visit and you will receive another not-for-sale coaster (total 5 kinds) when you order one item from the collaboration menu above (1 coaster for regular menu → 2 coasters when you show the stub). In addition, a standee of the 3rd anniversary illustration (Garo, Rio, and Clay) will be placed at HUB Akihabara.

The stores participating in the event are as follows

HUB Akihabara
HUB Sendai Ichibancho 4-chome
HUB Meieki
HUB Namba Ebisubashi
HUB Fukuoka Ohmei