EDGE Oni Mayo Pepper Mazesoba from Ace Cook

Ace Cook will release "EDGE Oni Mayo Pepper Mazesoba" on June 20. From the "EDGE" series, which has been introducing impactful products with the themes of "surprise" and "overkill," comes a new mazesoba with a shigeki-like flavor that will surprise everyone! The price is 250 yen (tax not included).

EDGE Oni Mayo Pepper Mazesoba

Under the name of "Oni Mayo Pepper," EDGE Oni Mayo Pepper Mazesoba combines the two strongest seasonings, mayonnaise and pepper, to create a dreamy soupless menu. The large amount of mayonnaise and the large amount of pepper meet the need for richness, creating an extraordinary cup noodle with the punch that only mazesoba can deliver.

The noodles are thick and round with a firm elasticity and smoothness. The noodles have a strong presence in the mouth and are very satisfying to eat. The furikake (sprinkles), which are based on chicken or pork with seafood flavor, garlic and pepper, and mayonnaise, which is added separately, give the noodles a rich flavor. Kayaku (dried seasonings) include flavored fried egg, colorful green onions, and chili peppers.