Starbucks "The Melon of Melon Frappuccino"

Starbucks' second installment of the summer season begins June 1. The Melon of Melon Frappuccino will be available at Starbucks stores nationwide from June 1 through July 12 (while supplies last). A "HAPPY MY CUP Campaign" will also be held.

Starbucks Summer Season Vol. 2

Under the theme of "Yori Dori Midori" (Yori Dori Midori), the season of beautiful greenery from the fresh green of early summer to the deep green of deep summer, the "Midori" symbolizing the fresh and vital earth is the focus. Products and services that reflect the desire for a sustainable future for the earth, such as delicious midori and fun midori, will be offered.

The Melon of Melon Frappuccino

No matter where you drink it from, this Frappuccino is like eating only the best part of a perfectly ripe melon. The bottom of the cup is filled with the mellow aroma of red melon pulp sauce, and the base is filled with the refreshing aroma of green melon juice, combined with milk to give the Frappuccino a gorgeous melon-like flavor. Finished off with melon-flavored whipped cream and melon-flavored sauce topping. You can enjoy the melon flavor until the very last sip.

Starbucks "The Melon of Melon Frappuccino"

The bright green and orange colors of the melon are a perfect combination of the two tastes. Tall size only, 678 yen to-go, 690 yen for in-store use (tax included, same below).

A variety of Midori food and goods will also be available to remind people of the earth. The "Almond Milk Matcha Mousse" and "Matcha White Chocolate Scone" using matcha grown with "taihei", a kind of manure made from Starbucks coffee bean grounds, will be available for purchase.

Starbucks Midori food and merchandise

The lineup also includes mugs with a simple light green design and a lime green tumbler that will bring out the summer spirit. Environmentally friendly materials such as PLA (polylactic acid) resin made from plants, a renewable resource, are used.


The "HAPPY MY CUP Campaign" will be held from June 1 to June 30 in conjunction with the Environment Month in June. In appreciation of their environmental efforts, customers who bring their own tumblers or reusable cups will receive a 55 yen discount on the price of drinks for in-store use and a 54 yen discount for TOGO (to-go) use. The regular discount is 22 yen for in-store use and 21 yen for TOGO.

Starbucks "HAPPY MY CUP Campaign