Kua Aina "Chili Avocado Burger"

Gourmet burger and sandwich restaurant Kua Aina will offer the Chili Avocado Burger with original chili meat for a limited time only. It will be available from May 25 to July 19. Prices are 1,390 yen for an individual item, 1,660 yen for a lunch set, and 1,770 yen for a dinner set (all tax included, same below).

Chili Avocado Burger

This year's "Chili Meat Series" includes the new "Chili Avocado Burger," which offers the perfect combination of Kua Aina's signature ripe avocado and original chili meat sauce. The "Chili Cheese Thick-Cut Cheddar Burger" is a perfect match for the rich, thick-cut cheddar cheese, while the "Chili Meat Burger" is a simple way to enjoy the original chili meat.

Chili Meat Series

The "Chili Meat Series" is a very popular series of Kua Aina's burgers, which were sold last year and have been requested by many customers since then. The "Original Chili Meat Sauce" is the key to the flavor of this popular series.

The "Chili Cheese Thick Cheddar Burger" is priced at 1,430 yen for an individual burger, 1,700 yen for a lunch set, and 1,810 yen for a dinner set. The "Chili Meat Burger" is 1,240 yen for an individual burger, 1,460 yen for a lunch set, and 1,570 yen for a dinner set.