Ministop "Oshima" collaboration

Following the miso ramen supervised by Takeshi Oshima, owner of the ramen specialty restaurant "Oshima" in Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, and released in January 2022, Ministop will sell its second product, expanding its lineup to non-ramen categories: "cold miso salad noodles," "garlic miso pork chashu bowl," "miso MAZE," "koku Ramen Salad with Spicy Miso," "Garlic Miso Pork Kalbi Stack," and "Garlic Miso Chashu Tamago Gohan" will be available from May 24.

Oshima Supervision Cold Miso Salad Noodles

This is a reproduction of the cold miso ramen that was sold at Oshima when it first opened. The owner has made a special effort to add plenty of vegetables without sourness. The price is 498 yen (excluding tax, same as below).

Ministop "Oshima Supervision Cold Miso Salad Noodle

Oshima's Miso Chashu Donburi with Garlic Miso Sauce

Two kinds of chashu pork, spicy bamboo shoots, corn, seasoned egg, and other ingredients are served in a garlic miso sauce. The rich yet easy-to-eat flavor is inspired by Oshima's taste. The price is 528 yen.

Ministop "Oshima-supervised garlic miso chashu donburi".

Oshima Supervision Miso MAZE

This miso soup has Oshima's unique ginger and garlic flavor. The noodles are tossed with mayonnaise and accented with Baby Star Ramen for texture, creating a new kind of mazesoba. Price: 498 yen.

Ministop "Oshima Supervision Miso MAZE

Oshima Supervision Kokkoku Spicy Miso Ramen Salad

This salad features a rich, spicy miso sauce with a hint of garlic. It is topped with Baby Star Ramen for an enjoyable texture. The price is 369 yen.

Ministop "Oshima Supervision KOKUSHIN MISO Ramen Salad

Oshima Supervisor's Garlic Miso Pork Kalbi Stack (barley rice)

Pork ribs are grilled to perfection and tossed in a thick miso sauce flavored with garlic, ginger, and green onion. The pork fat and the garlic-flavored miso sauce are a perfect match. You can also enjoy a change of flavor by adding raayu (Chinese chili oil). The price is 428 yen.

Ministop "Oshima-supervised garlic miso pork ribs stacked with barley rice

Oshima Supervision Garlic Miso Chashu Tamago Gohan

Miso ramen flavored rice with plenty of garlic is combined with menma and chashu pork and topped with boiled egg. The final touch is a hint of ginger. Price: 130 yen.

Ministop "Oshima Supervisor's Garlic Miso Chashu Tamago Gohan" (Rice with Charred Eggs and Miso Chashu)

About Oshima

Trained for 12 years at the famous Sapporo Miso Ramen restaurant Sumire, and opened the restaurant in 2013. The noodles are thick and slightly frizzy with a chewy texture. It is an evolutionary Sapporo Miso Ramen restaurant with a strong flavor of miso, based on animal and vegetable-based soup with a hint of garlic and ginger.