Cafe COMSA "Father's Day Fair".

Café COMSA, which proposes artful cakes full of the Japanese four seasons using carefully selected seasonal delicious fruits from all over Japan's production areas and farms, will hold a "Father's Day Fair". The "Mango Rose and Melon Cake" and "Father's Day Handmade Cake Kit" will be available. The fair will be held from June 17 to June 19.

Mango Rose and Melon Cake

This Father's Day limited edition cake is decorated with meltingly sweet mangoes that resemble rose blossoms, along with melons filled with sweet juice. The reservation-only cake is accompanied by a cookie as a token of our gratitude. The base is fromage blanc. The 12cm diameter cake is priced at 3,800 yen, and the 15cm diameter cake is priced at 6,400 yen (tax included). Reservations are accepted from May 27 to June 16. The delivery period is from June 17 to June 19. The in-store price is 1,300 yen per piece.

Cafe COMSA "Mango Rose and Melon Cake

Cafe COMSA "Mango Rose and Melon Cake

Designs and prices are different at the Ginza store.
Designs and prices are subject to change depending on the availability of fruits and stores.

Father's Day Handmade Cake Kit

This cake kit allows you to make a fruit art cake at home, which is a unique feature of Cafe COMESA's fruit-focused products. The kit includes mango and blueberry in addition to fromage blanc tart base and whipped cream. This is a limited edition Father's Day product that comes with a recipe directly from the patissier. The price is 3,500 yen. Reservations can be made until June 16. The delivery period is from June 17 to June 19.

Cafe COMSA "Father's Day Handmade Cake Kit

Reservations can be made by phone or in-store.
The contents of the kits can be checked on the official website of Cafecomusa.
The Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza store does not offer this service.