Chateraise "Rum Raisin Bar

Check out all the new ice cream products available from Chateraise! Rum Raisin Bar" and "Dessert Chocolat Ball Chocolat Orange".

Rum Raisin Bar

Rum & Raisin ice cream with buttermilk flavored ice cream made with fermented butter from Hokkaido, sprinkled with rum soaked raisins. The addition of rum to the ice cream creates a rich flavor that complements the aroma of the rum, the flavor of the fermented butter, and the richness of the milk respectively. Each bite of this satisfying ice cream bar balances the deliciousness of the concentrated rum raisins with the buttermilk flavor of the ice cream. You can enjoy a high-quality rum raisin ice cream for adults. Prices start at 80 yen per bar (excluding tax, same as below).

Chateraise "Rum Raisin Bar

Dessert Chocolat Ball Chocolat Orange

Refreshingly sour orange ice cream made with Valencia orange juice is wrapped in sweet chocolate with crispy colorful chips. The peel of the orange ice cream, the savory caramel chips, and the cocoa flavor of the sweet chocolate bring out the bittersweet flavor for adults. The 20-piece pack is priced at 340 yen.

Chateraise "Dessert Chocolat Ball Chocolat Orange