I actually purchased and drank SABOTEN SUI(Cactus Sparkling Water), sold by J.N.S. The author purchased it at Izu Shaboten Zoological Park. The price is 380 yen per bottle (tax included).


SABOTEN SUI, a drinking water that began development in 2015 as a main product utilizing cactus, a local resource in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, has finally been commercialized. The product uses natural water, which has been awarded the Monde Selection Gold Prize in consecutive years, and contains carefully selected extracts of fermented and extracted Uchiwa cactus without losing any of its ingredients. The entire bounty of nature has been bottled to create a refreshing and gentle carbonated water.


The main ingredient of SABOTEN SUI, Kasugai cactus (edible Uchiwa cactus), is carefully selected from cacti (Burbank species) grown in the open air in the company's own fields. According to an analysis by the Food Industry Technology Center of the Aichi Industrial Science and Technology Center, Kasugai cactus is a very rare ingredient that contains nutrients from both green and yellow vegetables and fruits.

It contains a very high viscosity extract of such open-cultivated Uchiwa cactus, which is fermented and extracted without losing any of its active ingredients, using the traditional Japanese fermentation techniques of miso and soy sauce making. The natural water used as an ingredient comes from "Dodo, Seki-City, Gifu Prefecture," a place known for its famous water surrounded by mountains. The water is made by an unheated process that does not destroy the minerals, making it mild and easy to drink.


The slightly pale green color gives it a "cactus" appearance. When you drink it, you may feel a slight plant-like flavor, but there is almost no peculiarity. The fine carbonation and the smooth water make it easy to drink. It has a refreshing aftertaste and is recommended for those who like carbonated water.


SABOTEN SUI" would make a good topic of conversation. How about buying it as a souvenir?