Antenor "Petit gâteau assorti

Petit Gateau Assorti, a cake set for frozen delivery, is now available from Antenor. Orders are being accepted on Tokyu Department Store's official website for mid-year and summer gift items. The retail price is 6,480 yen (including tax and delivery charge).

Petit Gateau Assorti

Antenor "Petit gâteau assorti

This cake set includes one of each of the following six types: lemon tart, mango rare cheese, hazelnut chocolat, muscat pineapple, fraise berry, and fromage grana. Shelf life is 10 days frozen. The package should be eaten within 24 hours after thawing.

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart" is a classic Antenor sweet. The cream of sweet and sour lemon is placed on a savory almond tart. The cream is squeezed like a flower and decorated with lemon peel.

Mango Rare Cheese

Mango Rare Cheese" is a popular seasonal sweet. The rare cheese mousse is layered with a fruity mango mousse and decorated with mango pulp.

Hazelnut Chocolat

The Hazelnut Chocolat is a crispy almond and hazelnut chocolate mousse filled with a fragrant chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, and chocolate almond sponge. This sweet is not available in stores.

Muscat Pineapple

Muscat Pineapple" is a white chocolate mousse flavored with muscat and filled with lime and pineapple jelly. The fruity flavor is well balanced with the refreshing pineapple jelly. This product is also not available in stores.

Phrase Berry

Phrase Berry" is a sweet and sour berry mousse with vanilla-scented white chocolate mousse and Phrase confiture. It is also a product uniquely prepared for delivery.

Fromage Grana

Fromage Grana" is an almond cake layered with two types of cheese cake and smooth cream. It is decorated with Italian cheese, Grana Padano. It is uniquely made for delivery.