Ueshima Coffee Shop "Orange Milk Coffee

Ueshima Coffee Shop will release "Orange Milk Coffee" and "Pina Colada Granita" on May 25 and "African Sunrise" on June 7 (except for some stores), limited time only until late July (until they are gone).

Orange Milk Coffee

Orange Milk Coffee, one of Ueshima Coffee Shop's most popular limited-time-only milk coffee, is back again this year, this time with milk coffee and Ueshima Coffee Shop's original syrup made from the juice of rare Valencia oranges, which can only be enjoyed during the summer season from June to August. The orange compote topping is made from the whole peel of the orange, and its bittersweet and sweet-sour flavor is a perfect accent. The gorgeous appearance and texture can also be enjoyed. Priced at 600 yen for R and 720 yen for L (tax included, same below).

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Orange Milk Coffee

Pina Colada Granita

An aromatic, non-alcoholic granita (frozen drink) with the rich flavor of coconut milk and the refreshing tartness and sweetness of golden pineapple. No flavoring or syrups are used, and Ueshima Coffee Shop's original coconut milk is used. It is topped with dried pineapple, which is concentrated in flavor, and rosemary, which has a refreshing aroma. The pineapple-inspired appearance gives the drink a resort-like feel. The price is 690 yen (one size only).

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Pina Colada Granita

African Sunrise

Passion fruit pulp, juice, and seeds are combined with Ueshima Coffee Shop's signature nerd drip coffee brewed in a nerd drip machine and soda water, topped with mint. The mellow aroma and intense acidity of passion fruit go perfectly with the flannel drip coffee and soda water. A refreshing adult seasonal drink. Price: R 720 yen.

Ueshima Coffee Shop "African Sunrise

Price differs at some stores.