Kyodo Dairy "Home Run Bar Super Lucky Pack

Kyodo Nyugyo's "Home Run Bar Super Lucky Pack" will be released on June 1 at supermarkets nationwide in limited quantities. The bars come in two flavors, "Vanilla & Chocolate" and "Strawberry & Chocolate," and are sold in packs of 10 bars at an estimated price of 380 yen each (excluding tax).

Kyodo Nyugyo's Homerun Bar was created in 1960 as Japan's first ice cream bar and the first ice cream with a lottery ticket in Japan, and has been loved for over 60 years. Aiming to create an ice cream loved by adults and children alike even as times change, the company has changed the taste of its products to match the times. Products that once emphasized sweetness have now been made to taste more balanced with the taste of milk.

Home Run Bar Super Lucky Pack

The "Home Run Bar Super Lucky Pack," which is sold with renewed packaging from last year, is a product that always has a branding of "Home Run," "First Base," "Second Base," or "Third Base" on it. Last year, with the launch of the "Home Run Bar All Hits Lucky Pack," the number of entries to the campaign more than doubled over the normal month, making it very popular.

The prize is an original pair of T-shirts whose design changes with the application period. You can also choose your size. These T-shirts can be worn and enjoyed by parents and children, friends, and couples.