Space Japanese food "Space Curry

I actually purchased and tried Space Curry, a space Japanese food sold by House Foods. The price is 540 yen per box (tax included).

Space Curry

Space Curry is a beef curry specially developed for long-duration stays on the International Space Station (ISS). In November 2018, a renewed version was released with revised content and ingredients. Compared to the previous version, it is fortified with turmeric and calcium to provide nutritional support for meals in space, which are different from those on the ground The recipe is exactly the same as the curry eaten on the ISS.

Space Japanese food "Space Curry
space curry

What is Space Japanese Food?

It is a space food menu that JAXA supplies to astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). It is provided not only to Japanese astronauts but also to astronauts of international partners. Space Japanese Food is not limited to traditional Japanese food, as it is intended for Japanese food that is commonly eaten in ordinary households.

Real Food

The preparation process on the ground is the same as for ordinary retort-pouch curry. Without breaking the seal of the retort pouch, place it in boiling water and let it boil for 3 to 5 minutes to warm up. Once warmed up, pour over rice and done!

Space Japanese food "Space Curry

The overall taste is mild and not as spicy as I had expected. Even children can eat it! In addition to beef, mushrooms, eringi mushrooms, and maitake mushrooms are included, giving the mushrooms a satisfying texture. It is a delicious curry without any peculiarities.

Space Japanese food "Space Curry

Space Curry is exactly the same as the curry developed as Japanese food for space in terms of manufacturing method, taste, and contents, with the only difference being the retort pouch (the inner bag of Space Curry). Now you can enjoy the same taste as the astronauts you've always dreamed of! If you are interested, please check it out.