Hiroshima navel oranges from NIPPON PREMIUM

From May 31, "Hiroshima Navel Orange" from the Oenon Group's "NIPPON PREMIUM" series, a series of local delicacies unique to Japan, will be available. It contains 3% alcohol. The price is 146 yen (excluding tax).

Hiroshima Navel Orange

NIPPON PREMIUM Hiroshima Navel Orange" is a local chu-hi with a refreshing taste made from the juice of navel oranges produced in Hiroshima Prefecture, which boasts the largest harvest of navel oranges in Japan. The juice is made from the peel of navel oranges grown in Hiroshima Prefecture and squeezed straight from the peel, preserving the rich, natural flavor of the fruit. The refreshing aroma and sweet and sour flavor are preserved while the alcohol content is lowered to 3%, achieving both an authentic taste and a light, easy-drinking feel.


NIPPON PREMIUM" is a series that uses attractive local ingredients from all over Japan to create a rich lineup of local alcoholic beverages that convey the appeal of the region. This time, for the first time in the "NIPPON PREMIUM" series, a lineup using carefully selected ingredients from Hiroshima Prefecture has been added to the series.