Godiva "Summer Collection

GODIVA will introduce "Summer Collection". The "Honey Setouchi Lemon Cookie Assortment," "Dome Baumkuchen Chocolat & Miyazaki Mango," "50th Anniversary Appreciation Yokan," "Mousse Chocolat et Cacao Fruit Joule," and "Patisserie Assortment" will be available.

Honey Setouchi Lemon Cookie Assortment

Godiva "Summer Collection

Hachimitsu Setouchi Lemon Cookie Assortment will be available from May 25 to August 23. The price is 594 yen for a 5-pack, 1,296 yen for an 8-pack, 2,376 yen for an 18-pack, and 3,456 yen for a 32-pack.

Refreshingly sweet and sour white chocolate with Setouchi lemon powder kneaded into it is sandwiched between gently sweetened langdosha dough to which Japanese honey has been added.

Dome Baumkuchen Chocolat & Miyazaki Mango

Godiva "Summer Collection

Dome Baumkuchen Chocolat & Miyazaki Mango" will be available from May 25 to August 23. The price is 1,566 yen for a package of 4 pieces and 3,132 yen for a package of 8 pieces.

The chocolate cake is moist and baked with Belgian chocolate and fermented butter kneaded into the cake. Two flavors, "Chocolat" and "Miyazaki Mango," are included in the assortment.

50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Yokan

Godiva "Summer Collection

The "50th Anniversary Appreciation Yokan" will be available for order from May 25 to August 23. The price is 2,160 yen for a set of 5 pieces and 4,320 yen for a set of 10 pieces.

This collaboration between Godiva and Japanese confectionery is said to express gratitude for the 50th anniversary of Godiva's arrival in Japan. Two flavors are included in the assortment: "Chocolat," with the rich taste of red bean paste and chocolate, and "Cacao Fruit," with the refreshing taste of cacao fruit and white bean paste.

Mousse Chocolat et Cacao Fruit Joule

Godiva "Summer Collection

Mousse Chocolat et Cacao Fruit Joule is on sale until August 31. The price is 3,240 yen for a package of 8 pieces, 4,320 yen for 11 pieces, and 5,400 yen for 14 pieces.

It is considered a cold dessert in which cacao can be enjoyed as a fruit. Three types of cacao fruit jellies are combined in a single cup: a julée with a fresh and refreshing sourness made from the juice squeezed from the white pulp of the cacao fruit, a cut jelly with a different texture, and three types of mousse chocolat with a smooth texture using chocolate.

Patisserie Assortment

Godiva "Summer Collection

Patisserie Assortment" will be on sale until September 30, 2022 for the 7-piece set, and until January 5, 2023 for the 11-piece and 18-piece sets. The 7-piece set is priced at 2,160 yen, the 11-piece set at 3,240 yen, and the 18-piece set at 5,400 yen.

An assortment of soft and moist baked sweets made with Belgian chocolate. The assortment includes financiers, madeleines, and cakes. A new "gianduja" flavor has been added to the madeleines.