Mini soft "Strawberry Milk Float" and "Cafe Latte Float".

MINI SOF, Ministop's soft-serve ice cream specialty store, will release new products "Strawberry Milk Float" and "Cafe Latte Float" made with soft-serve vanilla and specially selected Hokkaido milk on May 20.

Strawberry Milk Float

The "Strawberry Milk Float" is a unique MINI SOF sweet that allows customers to enjoy the rich taste of soft-serve ice cream vanilla and specially selected Hokkaido milk, and is made with MINI SOF's original strawberry sauce with pulp and plenty of specially selected Hokkaido milk. After tasting our signature soft serve vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, mix the whole mixture together to create a rich strawberry milk. This sweet treat can be enjoyed as a drink or as soft serve ice cream. Priced at 430 yen (tax included).

Mini-Sofu "Strawberry Milk Float"

Cafe Latte Float

The popular annual menu item, "Cafe Latte Float," has been renewed with a richer flavor. This float is a unique MINI SOF creation that combines our specialty soft-serve ice cream vanilla with a café latte made with espresso mixed with specially selected Hokkaido milk. Coffee sauce has been added for an even richer taste. When the whole mixture is mixed together, the coffee turns mellow and milky, and can be enjoyed to the end. Price: 430 yen (tax included).

Mini-Soff "Cafe Latte Float"

The price is the same both inside and outside the store.
Please check allergens at the store.
The price is different from that of in-store sales.