Matsuya "Phu Pha Phong Curry

Phu Pha Phong Curry" will be available at Matsuya. This new menu item is a curry with crab and roe from the Kingdom of Thailand, arranged in the Matsuya style to suit Japanese rice.

Phu Pappon Curry

Phu Pha Pong Curry" is a new menu item featuring a Thai crab and egg curry arranged in the Matsuya style to suit Japanese rice. The flavorful crab and fluffy egg are wrapped in a rich coconut milk and chili oil with dried shrimp to create a spicy sauce with a hint of sweetness. The product list is as follows

Phu Pha Phong Curry 690 yen (large portion) 750 yen
Phu Pappong Curry with Raw Vegetables Set: 790 yen (large portion): 850 yen
Poopappong Sauce 570 yen

Matsuya "Phu Pha Phong Curry

On sale from 10:00 a.m. on May 24. To celebrate the launch, a large serving of rice will be offered free of charge until May 31 when ordering "Poopappong Curry".

Miso soup is not included for To go. Miso soup is available separately for 60 yen.
All prices include tax. Prices are the same for in-store and To go.
Some stores do not offer this service.