Yudetaro "Free Summer Coupons"
(All images are sourced from Yudetaro's official website)

Yudetaro has announced on its official website that "free summer coupons" for additional toppings, etc. will be available from June 1 to 12, and can be used until the end of August.

YUDETARO Free Summer Coupon Coupon

Yudetaro "Free Summer Coupons"

Each summer, Yudetaro offers six coupons that can be used once per person for any order of ¥360 or more at the restaurant. The coupon includes one each for "Kakiage", "Croquette", "Curry Roux", "Onsen Tamago", "Oroshi", and "Soba Omasai". Depending on your preference, you can enjoy them on top of noodles or a bowl of rice, or taste them separately.

There are two Yudetaro stores: Shin-Etsu Shokuhin and Yudetaro System. Coupons will no longer be distributed at Shin-Etsu Shokuhin stores as soon as they are gone. You can check which store is closest to you from the official website.