Mitsukan "Kin no Tsubu Garlic Soy Sauce Sauce Sauce 3P

Mitsukan will release "Kin no Tsubu Garlic Soy Sauce Sauce 3P" on June 1, 2012. 40g (1.41oz) x 3, priced at 205 yen (excluding tax). The product will be sold throughout Japan except Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Okinawa.

Kin no Tsubu Garlic Soy Sauce Sauce Tare 3P

Kin no Tsubu Garlic Soy Sauce Sauce 3P" is a natto with "Garlic Soy Sauce Sauce" which spreads the umami and aroma of garlic in your mouth. To bring out the flavor of garlic, simple ingredients such as soy sauce and sugar are used to achieve a delicious balance that enhances the garlic. You will enjoy a delicious taste that will make you want to shovel rice into your mouth.

Focusing on garlic, which has been in increasing demand since the Corona disaster, we developed "Garlic Soy Sauce Sauce" to make natto tastier. During the development process, more than 10 different variations were tested, including a garlic mashashia sauce and a garlic butter sauce, before arriving at the "garlic soy sauce" that tastes the best with natto and has a royal touch. The developer is so confident in this product that he continues to eat it for lunch every day.