KAMEDA Seika "Kaki-no-tane" (KAMEDA's persimmon seeds) with red ginger tempura flavor

Kameda Seika will begin selling 60g (2.12oz) Kameda's Kaki-no-tane Red Ginger Tempura Flavor on May 24 for a limited time only. It will be available at 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide. The estimated price is 128 yen (excluding tax).

Kaki-no-tane KAMEDA: Red Ginger Tempura Flavor

Kaki-no-tane Kaki-no-tane Red Ginger Tempura Flavor will be released as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages for those who have fewer opportunities to drink outside and cannot fully relieve stress by drinking alone at home. This "spicy and enjoyable specialty" will provide a time to "get back to yourself" after a long day of work. The spiciness and sharp acidity of the red pickled ginger, combined with the delicious taste of Kameda's special soy sauce sauce, makes it the perfect snack to accompany alcoholic beverages.

Some stores may not carry this product.