Cocos Lemon & Fromage Fair

Cocos will hold a "Lemon & Fromage Fair" from May 26. Lemon Fromage Parfait", "Lemon Fromage Glass Parfait", "Lemon Fromage Tart", and "Lemon Fromage Crepe Wrapper" will be on sale.

Lemon & Fromage Fair

This fair allows you to fully enjoy the marriage of lemons, which bring the freshness of early summer, and cheese, a popular dessert. Details of the lineup are as follows.

Lemon Fromage Parfait

Cocos Lemon & Fromage Fair Lemon Fromage Parfait

A gorgeous "10-layer parfait" with a stacked cross section of cream cheese pudding, lemon jelly, pink flakes, and other ingredients. The rich custard cream and whipped cream made with high-quality vanilla beans, refreshing lemon, smooth cream cheese pudding, and moist sponge cake provide a contrast of flavors and textures. On top is cheese ice cream topped with sweet and sour lemon in syrup, and decorated with yuzu lemon flavored candy work and raspberry meringue. Priced at 759 yen (tax included, same as below).

Lemon Fromage Glass Parfait

Cocos Lemon & Fromage Fair Lemon Fromage Glass Parfait

Cream cheese pudding with a creamy and smooth texture, lemon jelly with a gorgeous aroma, layered with pink flakes and cream cheese ice cream, this parfait is the perfect size for after dinner. Price: 385 yen.

Lemon Fromage Tart

Cocos Lemon & Fromage Fair Lemon Fromage Tart

Crispy tart dough is topped with fluffy sponge cake, plenty of custard cream, and cream cheese ice cream. The smooth, rich custard cream and crispy tart dough are a perfect match, creating a new taste with each bite. Price: 539 yen.

Lemon Fromage Crepe Wrapped in Fromage Crepe

Cocos Lemon & Fromage Fair Lemon Wrapped in Fromage Crepe

Cream cheese pudding and sponge cake wrapped in a sticky texture crepe is a slightly warm dessert with a fresh lemon flavor. You can enjoy lemon and cheese in various forms, including plump lemon jelly and cream cheese ice cream. Chocolate crisps under the crepe add a crunchy texture. Comes with honey lemon sauce as an optional garnish. Price: 539 yen.