Capsule toy "Onigiringu 5
(Image taken from the official website)

Capsule toy "Onigiringu 5" will be released sequentially by Kitanklub in mid-May. Priced at 400 yen per package (tax included, same below), the blind box version is 440 yen per box. Contents are random.

Onigiringu 5

In this fifth installment, the onigiri-shaped cases have undergone a major renewal. The lineup includes "Salmon and salmon roe", "Fried rice", "Red rice", "Torotaku", and "Eel rice". The cases will also be available in five different types for the first time, to match the ingredients.

While the onigiri are sculpted to look deliciously realistic, the rings are designed to sparkle like an accessory. The rings can be worn on the fingers, or opened like a marriage proposal, making for a fun photo shoot in a variety of situations that will look great on social media.

The capsule-less design makes the onigiri rolling out of the machine look cute! The size of the ring can be adjusted to fit the thickness of your finger.

The capsule toy "Onigiringu 5" is so cute that you will want to complete the set. Check them out when you see them.