pineapple american sour

Pineapple Ame Sour, a canned chu-hi drink in collaboration with Pineapple Ame, will be released. This product reproduces the taste and packaging of Pineapple Candy.

Pineapple Ame Sour

Pineapple Ame Sour, a collaboration with Pineapple Corporation's Pineapple Candy, will be released for a limited time on May 17 by Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co. This canned chu-hai drink features an aroma reminiscent of the sweet, sour, juicy flavor of Pineapple Candy, a refreshing carbonated taste, and a refreshing sweetness that is free of artificial sweeteners. The package is also designed to resemble pineapple candy.

pineapple american sour

The product comes in 350 ml cans and is open to the public. It has 4% alcohol by volume and 2% fruit juice.

Pineapple Ame Sour first appeared in 2019. Since then, it has been sold annually in the summer and this year marks its fourth year.

Pineapple Candy

Pineapple Candy is a candy that was commercialized in 1951 by recreating the taste, shape, and deliciousness of pineapple in canned pineapple, which was a luxury item at the time, in candy form. For more than 70 years since its release, Pineapple Candy has been loved by people of all ages, from children to adults.