FamilyMart "Miso Katsu Bento" and "Egg and Miso Katsu Sandwich

Miso Katsu bento" and "Tamago to Miso Katsu Sando" using "dipping miso and pouring miso" will be available at Family Mart stores in the Tokai region (Aichi, Gifu, Mie, western Shizuoka, and parts of Wakayama prefectures) on May 24.

Tsuke Miso Kake Miso

Tsuke Miso Kake Miso" is a tube-type all-purpose miso sauce with a refined sweetness based on rich soybean miso that has been aged for a long time. It is said that there is no one in Nagoya who does not know about this product, which can be used on tonkatsu, dengaku, and oden to give them a taste of Nagoya. This time, we commercialized a lunch box and sandwich using "dipping miso and pouring miso" for "miso katsu," a familiar dish in Nagoya.

Miso Katsu Bento

Miso katsu bento boxed lunch box, served with "dipping miso and pouring miso". The "dipping miso topping miso" comes with the pork cutlet topping as well as a separate sachet of miso. The "otere-miso" (topping) allows you to enjoy the taste of Nagoya to the fullest. The price is 550 yen (tax included).

FamilyMart "Miso Katsu Bento

Miso Katsu Sandwich with Eggs

A combination of a miso katsu sandwich using "dipping miso and pouring miso" and an egg sandwich that goes well together. Priced at 328 yen (tax included).

FamilyMart "Miso Katsu Sandwich with Eggs

Some stores may not carry the product. Release date may differ in some areas and stores.