Hiroshi & Maruko Reduced-Sodium Beef Shikkiri Assortment" and "Maruko Reduced-Sodium Beef Shikkiri Assortment" Kakiyasu Collaboration

Nippon Animation will sell "Hiroshi & Maruko Reduced-Salt Beef Shigure Tsumekomi" and "Maruko Reduced-Salt Beef Shigure" in collaboration with Kakiyasu Honten.

The collaboration product consists of two items: "Hiroshi & Maruko Reduced-Salt Beef Shigure Tsume-Komi" and "Maruko Reduced-Salt Beef Shigure," which is a single product in a small portion size. The "Reduced-Salt Beef Shigure" is one of Kakiyasu's signature products, made with Japanese beef ribs cooked in a rich sauce to make it soft and fluffy. By using low-sodium soy sauce, the salt content is reduced by 50% compared to the conventional "Beef Shigureni," making it a health-conscious product that can be enjoyed while taking care of your father's body.

Hiroshi & Maruko Reduced-Sodium Beef Stew Assortment

The package of "Hiroshi & Maruko Reduced-Salt Beef Shigure Tsumekomi" features illustrations of Maruko and Hiroshi. One package features a slightly embarrassed Maruko with a "Thank you for everything" message. The other features an illustration of Hiroshi carrying Maruko on his back, reminiscing about fond memories of his father and his daughter as a child. Two 90g (3.17oz) packages are priced at 2,376 yen (tax included, same as below). At the Kakiyasu Online Shop, the price is 3,000 yen (including shipping).

Low-Sodium Beef Shigure

The single product in the "Reduced-Salt Beef Shigure" lineup comes in a gorgeous pink package design featuring the lovable Maruko. Both products will be available in limited quantities and are recommended as special gifts for Father's Day, birthdays, souvenirs, and other special occasions for important people. The product has a content of 90g (3.17oz) and is priced at 1,080 yen.