Hakkai Jozo "Daiginjo Hakkaiyama, Kowagura brewed

Daiginjo Hakkaiyama Kowagura Brewing is now available from Hakkai Jozo. It will be shipped on June 8 as the pinnacle of the Hakkaisan brand of sake, and will be available at sake retailers, department stores, and supermarkets nationwide. Each bottle contains 720 ml and is priced at an estimated 6,600 yen (tax included).

Daiginjo Hakkaiyama Kowagura Brewing

The "Kowagura" in the name of the brewery is the ideal production facility that Hakkai Brewery can currently think of, and the sake produced at the Kowagura accounts for less than 1% of the company's production volume.

The Daiginjyo newly produced at the Kowa Brewery will be on offer at this year's event. It is said that the brewer's skillful techniques were used, and it is positioned as Hakkai Brewery's highest quality standard daiginjo. It has a graceful quality with a soft mouthfeel and fullness, and can be enjoyed at all temperatures as a mid-meal sake, making it the perfect Hakkaisan to share with loved ones at an important time. It has an alcohol content of 15.5 degrees Celsius.

The bottle package was designed by graphic designer Kenya Hara with an emphasis on dignity and dignity.